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A little ominous…

23 July 2006

Andrew Rawnsley talks about Tony Blair’s relationship to GW Bush and says this in passing:

“Another result of this Prime Minister’s enthusiasm for a big British presence on the world stage is that she is taking on burdens which others decline to share and which she is now struggling to bear. The most senior British general in Afghanistan has just warned that the country is ‘close to anarchy’ and that western forces are ‘running out of time’. British forces in Afghanistan have already had to be reinforced because the perils of that mission have been terribly under-estimated.”

Are Canadian troops cognizant of this?

11 July 2006
"Learning without thought is labor lost."

The Pirate’s Toast

8 July 2006

“Take what you can.
Give nothing back.”

Why do I think this is so clever? Could it be because I am a total geek?