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For everything, a limit

25 November 2007

From the Saturday (24 November) Globe & Mail interview with Yann Martel, authour of The Life of Pi:

Michael Posner: Are you Christian by practice?

Yann Martel: My parents were children of Quebec’s Quiet Revolution so I grew up in a completely agnostic household. We were very respectful of religion, but it was anthropological. And I think the reward of religion is harder to get to for young minds. Because they tend to be literal. There’s a certain metaphysical depth to Christ that isn’t acceible to young minds. By the time I got to India, I was just fed up with being reasonable. It’s a waste of life to be nothing but reasonable. If you do that, you strip away everything marvellous in life. It’s why classical music and fiction are suffering. They’re perceived as work, too difficult. Our imaginative lives are shrinking in the West and I don’t think we’re any the better for it. You go to India and the people are so bloody poor and I wouldn’t say everyone is happy there but there isn’t that mean edge of alienation you have here.”