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Patience and Pain

28 March 2008

There’s a correlation, I think, between the capacity to voluntarily tolerate discomfort or pain (as in zazen) and patience. If you’re willing to tolerate discomfort or pain then you have at least practiced being able to tolerate the discomforts and self-denial associated with being patient.

I am also reminded of something attributed to Shunryu Suzuki in Crooked Cucumber: by David Chadwick:

“Hell isn’t punishment. It’s training.”

Suitcase Nukes Survivable?

2 March 2008

Irwin Redlener, MD, president of the Children’s Health Fund at TED 2008 on how to survive a suitcase nuke: (via BoingBoing’s Mark Frauenfelder)

1. Avoid staring at light flash, keep your mouth open
2. If very close, duck and cover
3. Get away from initial fallout from mushroom cloud (10-20 minutes) or shelter in place (underground or above 9th floor).
4. Move downwind or crosswind for 1.2 miles (away from area with building damage)
5. Try to keep skin, mouth, and nose covered if it doesn’t impede evacuation or sheltering
6. Decontaminate ASAP, seek medical care

Slide Into Evil

1 March 2008

7 Social Processes that Grease the Slippery Slope of Evil

…according to Philip Zimbardo, creator of the Stanford Prison experiment. The following is a slide from his presentation at the 2008 TED conference.

1. Mindlessly taking the 1st small step
2. Dehumanization of others
3. De-individuation of self (anonymity)
4. Diffusion of personal responsibility
5. Blind obedience to authority
6. Uncritical conformity to group norms
7. Passive tolerance of evil through inaction, or indifference