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Taking the anti-abortionists seriously

5 June 2009

Slactivist has a very salient point to make about the right’s response to the murder of abortionist Dr. George Tiller by Scott Roeder. They roundly condemn the murder and for all intents and purposes are horrified by it. But the truth of the matter is that they liken abortion in America to the Holocaust and people like Dr. Tiller to Nazis running death camps. If that claim is true then Roeder’s killing of Tiller is the logical and, frankly, moral outcome of the claims to be true. If abortion in America is the same as the Holocaust one does indeed have duty to stop it by means considerably more forceful than voting for the Republican Party every four years. The fact that they (the right) is shocked by Roeder’s murder of Tiller only shows that they really don’t take themselves seriously. If they did, they’d have to count it as a victory that Tiller was murdered. But they don’t and that means that the anti-abortion talk is at best disingenous – a convenient rhetorical high horse from which to harangue everyone not on Team Jesus and from which to push for a repeal of the estate tax. It is, in short, fatuous hyposcrisy.

It is dangerous fatuous hypocrisy, too. Tiller’s murder is the logical and natural consequence of the rhetoric of the Holocaust. We are responsible for the foreseeable consequences of our actions and death is a reasonable consequence of that kind of overheated rhetoric.