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Politics, capitalism, and morality

8 December 2008

The ever-brilliant  Jürgen Habermas reflecting on the proper role of politics and capitalism with respect to morality:

“Politics turns itself into a laughing stock when it resorts to moralising instead of relying upon the enforceable law of the democratic legislator. Politics, and not capitalism, is responsible for promoting the common good.”

It is not inherently the business of business to promote the public good and we abdicate our responsibility as political actors if we act as if it were. It’s the job of politics to enforce the public good and to pass and enforce legislation which compels business to do what needs to be done to achieve it.

Slide Into Evil

1 March 2008

7 Social Processes that Grease the Slippery Slope of Evil

…according to Philip Zimbardo, creator of the Stanford Prison experiment. The following is a slide from his presentation at the 2008 TED conference.

1. Mindlessly taking the 1st small step
2. Dehumanization of others
3. De-individuation of self (anonymity)
4. Diffusion of personal responsibility
5. Blind obedience to authority
6. Uncritical conformity to group norms
7. Passive tolerance of evil through inaction, or indifference